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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2019-20 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2019-20 [Archived Catalog]

Academic Advising

Each college, school, and department has faculty and/or professional advisors who will listen to students and provide appropriate information about academic options, degree programs, and University resources. Academic advisors are interested in student learning and development and will help create educational plans consistent with academic, career, and personal goals. Advisors will also assist students with the preparation of an appropriate schedule each semester. However, advising is a collaborative process. It is the student’s responsibility to be prepared for advising appointments and to know and follow current procedures at the department, school, college, and university levels.

For Best Results, Prepare for Advising Appointments

While course registration is important, it is just one piece of academic advising. In order to have the most meaningful and productive conversation not only about course registration, but also the many opportunities available to enhance an Ohio University degree, students should do the following:

  • Refresh the DARS (Degree Audit Reporting System) report in My OHIO Student Center by clicking on the Advising Center link in the right-hand column under Student Services Links.  Read through the DARS report, and work to understand what courses are needed to complete the degree and what requirements have been met. For more information about how to read a DARS, click here. Be prepared to view the DARS report on a laptop or take at least one copy of a refreshed DARS report to advising appointments.
  • Read about majors in the catalog to understand the requirements for the intended degree.
  • Examine Course Offerings for the upcoming semester to be aware of available courses.
  • Write a list of questions to ask the advisor. Ask things like:
  1. When do you think I will graduate at this pace?
  2. What campus resources are available to help me reach my academic potential?
  3. What things should I be doing outside of class to contribute to my career success?

Questions like these will help expand the advising conversation to include both short- and long-term academic, career, and personal goals.

How Often Should I Meet with My Academic Advisor?

Students should meet with their advisor at least once per term. Although meeting with an advisor before registration each semester is important, this is not the only time meetings are recommended. Advisors can help students gather information about the field(s) they are considering and can direct students to helpful university resources. Students struggling with coursework or who are considering changing their schedule, should contact their academic advisor.

How Do I Find My Academic Advisor?

Advisor name and contact information is available in My OHIO Student Center. Advisors will be listed in the column on the right side of the screen. Questions about academic advising or how to contact an academic advisor should be directed to the advising coordinator for the program (listed below), or the college or regional campus student services offices.

How to Find Advising if You Change Your Major

Students considering changing their major should take several steps:

  • Use the “What-if” DARS feature in My OHIO Student Center to see how completed course work will apply to the majors under consideration, and what requirements remain.
  • Read about other majors in the catalog. Students who feel sure about the major they want to pursue should make an appointment with an advisor in the new major by contacting the advising coordinator listed below.
  • Students who are uncertain about the major they want to pursue should make an appointment with an advisor in the Allen Student Advising Center.

Advising Holds

An advising hold will be placed on student records each semester to prevent registration for the next semester until the student has met with their academic advisor. The advising hold is released by the assigned academic advisors after students meet with them. Students with more than one major will have an advisor and an advising hold for each major. It is NOT recommended that a student ask to have this hold lifted without meeting with their advisor because doing so means the student is registering without the guidance of a professional who will ensure that the student is making progress toward their degree goals. While some advisors do not require a meeting to remove a hold, it is in your best interest to request one!

Advising from Unofficial Sources: Consider but do not Follow!

There are many people on and off campus who believe they understand the Ohio University curriculum and how to read a DARS. Students should not rely solely on advice from peer mentors, siblings, parents, and friends. Unless someone can view a student’s record in the Faculty and Advising Center, view a DARS report to track progress, and leave a note to document the conversation, they are not an official advisor. Opinions from others are welcome, but please only follow advice from official advisors. Failing to consult with an official advisor could result in incorrect course selection, missing requirements, and/or delayed graduation.

Advisee Expectations

  • Meet with the academic advisor at least once each semester.
  • Make appointments for advising via phone, email, or office hour sign-up sheets during mutually agreed-upon advising times.
  • Keep appointments promptly.
  • In unable to make a scheduled appointment, notify the advisor in advance.
  • Discuss academic and career-related needs and seek additional help from appropriate sources as suggested by the advisor.
  • Be prepared for the advising appointment by bringing appropriate materials and written questions; review the DARS report, check catalog degree requirements, consult course offerings, utilize the Schedule Planner to prepare tentative schedules.
  • Seek assistance in decision making rather than expect the academic advisor to make decisions.
  • Follow through with appropriate action after each advising session and consult with the academic advisor if critical decisions cannot be accomplished.
  • Evaluate advising sessions and give formal and informal feedback to the academic advisor.
  • Seek reassignment to another advisor if necessary.
  • Be aware of departmental major, college, and universitywide general education requirements.
  • Understand how to read and use a DARS report.

What if I Want to Change My Academic Advisor?

Students who are frustrated with the advising they receive, or who are having difficulty making contact with their advisor, should seek assistance in this order:

  • The Advising Coordinator for your major (see list below)
  • The College or Regional Campus Student Services Office
  • The Allen Student Advising Center, 417 Baker University Center, 740.566.8888

Students should work to understand and collaborate with their academic advisor and work with the resources above when they struggle to have a helpful working relationship. However, it is important to note that students may request a new advisor from their department office, should they feel a change in advisor assignments is needed.

OHIO Advising Coordinators by College and Major



Degree Program or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
African American Studies Akil Houston 740.593.1310 31 S. Court, Rm. 122
Anthropology Nancy Tatarek 740.593.1378 Bentley Annex 149
Biological Sciences Ann LaComb 740.593.0431 Irvine Hall 111
Biological Sciences Chris Schwirian 740.593.9490 Irvine Hall 066
Chemistry & Biochemistry Lauren McMills 740.593.1754 Clippinger 345
Classics & World Religions Neil Bernstein 740.597.2107 Ellis Hall 210E
Economics Josh Austin 740.597.1254 Bentley Annex 333
English Elizabeth Koonce 740.593.2338 Lindley N186A
Environmental & Plant Biology Harvey Ballard 740.593.4659 Porter Hall 406
Geography Geoff Buckley 740.593.9846 Clippinger 104
Geological Sciences Greg Nadon 740.593.4212 Clippinger 203
History Kevin Uhalde 740.593.4345 Bentley Annex 431
Linguistics David Bell 740.593.4562 Gordy Hall 369
Mathematics Todd Young 740.593.1285 Morton Hall 547
Modern Languages Ben Parrot 740.597.2727 Gordy Hall 240
Philosophy Al Lent 740.593.4641 Ellis Hall 202
Physics & Astronomy David Tees 740.593.1694 Clippinger 357A
Political Science Kathleen Sullivan 740.593.4373 Bentley Annex 233
Prelaw Advising Larry Hayman 740.593.0835 Bentley Hall 001B
Psychology Susan Tice-Alicke 740.597.2718 Porter Hall 261
Sociology Charlie Morgan 740.593.1371 Bentley Annex 111
Women’s Gender & Sexuality Studies Kim Little 740.593.4687 31 S. Court, Rm. 120



Degree Program or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Accounting Mike Bila 740.593.2000 Copeland Hall 214
Business Economics William Shambora 740.593.2043 Bentley Annex 357
Business Prelaw Sheree Lucas 740.593.2060 Copeland Hall 514C
International Business Denver Miller 740.593.2021 Copeland Hall 609B
Entrepreneurship Sheree Lucas 740.593.2060 Copeland Hall 514C
Finance Andy Fodor 740.593.2055 Copeland Hall 514G
General Business Sheree Lucas 740.593.2060 Copeland Hall 514C
Management Sheree Lucas 740.593.2060 Copeland Hall 514C
Management Information Systems Gabe Giordano 740.593.9438 Copeland Hall 209
Marketing Katie Hartman 740.593.2035 Copeland Hall 622
Sport Management Norm O’Reilly 740.593.9319 Copeland Hall 514A



Degree Program or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Global Studies Cat Cutcher 740.597.2756 Yamada International House 213



Degree Program or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
All Majors Greg Moeller 740.593.0246 1st Floor, Leon Harris Student Center, Schoonover



Degree Program or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
All Majors Ben Forche 740.593.4400 McCracken Hall 103



Degree Program or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
All Majors Deb McAvoy 740.593.1475 1st Floor, Stocker Center



Degree Program or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Art+Design Rosemarie Basile 740.593.4281 Seigfred Hall 528
Dance Travis Gatling 740.593.9357 Putnam Hall 105
General Maureen Wagner 740.593.1813 Jennings House
Music Matt James 740.593.0957 Glidden Hall 576
Student Success Advisor Melanie Tullett 740.593.4268 Putnam Hall 102
Theater Merri Biechler 740.593.9355 Kantner Hall 307C



Degree Program or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Athletic Training Kristine Ensign 740.593.9497 Grover Center E187
Child & Family Studies Jenny Chabot 740.593.2871 Grover Center W353
Communication Sciences & Disorders Chao-Yang Lee 740.593.0232 Grover Center W225
Community & Public Health Heather Harmon 740.593.1218 Grover Center W341
Dietetics/Nutrition Deborah Murray 740.593.4498 Grover Center E152
Environmental Health Science Major/Minor Michele Morrone 740.593.4675 Grover Center W339
Exercise Physiology Sharon Perry 740.593.9494 Grover Center E151
Senior Academic Advisor Betsy Kunstel 740.593.9336 Grover Center W370
Health Services Administration Cory Cronin 740.593.0447 Grover Center W359
Health Services Administration Kristin Schuller 740.593.0528 Grover Center W333
Long-Term Health Care Administration Jeff Trace 740.593.4675 Grover Center W356
Nursing Mary Beth Brown 740.593.4494 Grover Center E365
Occupational Hygiene & Safety Tim Ryan 740.593.2134 Grover Center W355
Physical Therapy Janis Carnahan 740.593.1214 Grover Center W290
Social Work Terry Cluse-Tolar 740.593.1291 Morton Hall 416
Student Success Advisor Katie Thomson 740.593.0584 Grover Center W370
Undecided - HSP Sara White 740.593.0581 Grover Center E370
Intgrated Healthcare Studies Michael Kushnick 740.593.0496 Grover Center W189



Degree Program or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
All Majors Cary Frith 740.593.2496 35 Park Place



Major or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Criminal Justice & Specialized Studies Julie Cohara 740.593.1935 Chubb Hall 140
Undecided/Undeclared Ebony Green 740.593.1935 Chubb Hall 140



Major or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Center for Law, Justice, & Culture Haley Duschinski 740.593.0823 Bentley Annex 131
Environmental Studies
(undergraduate certificate, last names A - L)
Cheryl Hanzel 740.593.9358 The Ridges, Building 22, Room 119
Environmental Studies
(undergraduate certificate, last names M - Z)
Loraine McCosker 740.593.0434 The Ridges, Building 22, room 206
Global Health Certificate (undergraduate) Deb McBride 740.593.2359 Grover Center W118
Gerontology Certificate Program          


Other Helpful Advising Resources


Major or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
RN to BSN Mary Beth Brown 740.593.4494 Grover Center E365
Intgrated Healthcare Studies Chelsea Freeman 740.593.9752 Grover Center W133B
BA in Psychology Sandra Hoyt 740.593.1073 Porter Hall 217
BS in Technical Operations Management (last names A - L) Justin Kish 740.593.9954 Haning Hall 241
BS in Technical Operations Management (last names M - Z) Sarah Blazier 740.593.9752 Haning Hall 243
Other eCampus Majors (last names A, N, O, P, Q, T) Molly Cronin 740.597.2703 Haning Hall 235
Other eCampus Majors (last names B, C, V) Tonga Cox 740.593.2553 Haning Hall 237
Other eCampus Majors (last names D, H, I, J) Justin Kish 740.593.9954 Haning Hall 241
Other eCampus Majors (last names E, F, R, W, X, Z) Michael Rinaldi-Eichenberg 740.593.2917 Haning Hall 231
Other eCampus Majors (last names G, S, U) Sarah Blazier 740.593.9752 Haning Hall 243
Other eCampus Majors (last names K, L, M, Y) Kyle McKenzie 740.597.3118 Haning Hall 239
Student Success Coordinator Ginny Cottrill 740.593.0018 Haning Hall 223



Major or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Director Diane Cahill 740.593.4330 Walter International Education Center
Associate Director Jennifer Nisevich 740.593.4330 Walter International Education Center
International Student Advisor Andy Badii 740.593.4330 Walter International Education Center
International Student Advisor Josh Gory 740.593.4330 Walter International Education Center
International Student Advisor Abby Conder 740.593.4330 Walter International Education Center



Major or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Associate Director Keely Davin 740.593.1798 Walter International Education Center 213
Director Catherine Marshall 740.593.4583 Walter International Education Center 215
Program Coordinator Emily Englehart 740.593.4329 Walter International Education Center 012
Senior Program Coordinator Kirsten Dabelko dabelkok@ohio.ed 740.593.9079 Walter International Education Center 014
Senior Program Coordinator Cherita King 740.597.2721 Walter International Education Center 023
Study Away Advisor Samantha Rommel 740.597.2730 Walter International Education Center 010



Major or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Chillicothe Campus Hilltopper Advising Center Christy Null 740.774.7731 Bennett Hall 270
Eastern Campus Student Services Jennifer Kellner-Muscar 740.599.2536 Shannon Hall
Lancaster Campus Student Services Pam Allen 740.681.3311 Brasee Hall 330
Lancaster Campus Student Services Kim Jeffers 740.681.3311 Brasee Hall 332
Lancaster Campus Student Services Phyllis Lanier 740.681.3311 Brasee Hall 336
Southern Campus Student Success Center Robert Pleasant 740.533.4596 Collins Center
Zanesville Campus Dean’s Office Liesta Walker 740.588.1559 Elson Hall 240
Zanesville Campus Student Services Ray Rotella 740.588.1491 Elson Hall 142
Zanesville Campus Learning Advancement Center Vacant        


Major or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Biological Sciences Suraiya Padiyath 740.593.2340 Irvine Hall 108
College of Business Jennifer Washko 740.566.6479 Copeland Hall 214
Communication Studies Paula Linscott 740.593.0020 Schoonover Center 123
HSP: Applied Health Sciences & Wellness Katie Thomson 740.593.0584 Grover Center, Dean’s Office
Engineering & Technology Julie Chiki 740.593.1475 Stocker Center 116
College of Education Ken Bowald 740.593.0603 McCracken Hall 103E
College of Fine Arts Melanie Tullett 740.593.4268 Putnam 102



Major or Role First Name Last Name Email Phone Office Address
Transfer & Relocate Didi Chilcott 740.593.1935 Chubb Hall 140