Apr 16, 2024  
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024


Picture of McGuffey HallVision of Holistic Advising

Ohio University provides all undergraduate students with coordinated, supportive, informative guidance regarding academic, career, and experiential opportunities.

How it Works

Students gain knowledge about their academic field from coursework and through discussions with their faculty members. To maximize their Ohio University experience, students need academic advising, experiential learning opportunity connections, and career coaching. Many OHIO staff members work together to provide this support.

Success advisors provide early career coaching and academic advising. They also co-create and maintain graduation plans with students to help ensure on time and on plan graduation. They understand the vast network of support available at Ohio University and connect their advisees with helpful services in other units. They develop relationships with their students and often serve as a first point of contact when students are working to maximize their Ohio University experience.

Graduation Plans - Where it all comes together

In their first semester, students who opt into the OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan co-create their plan with their success advisor*. The plan includes academic coursework and milestones that cover experiential learning and career activities that will support students as they work to reach the goals they have for after graduation.

Graduation Plans are viewable by students via the MyOHIO Student Center and can be adapted when the student and the success advisor agree that adjustments are needed (like adding a minor or a certificate). Students who follow their plan will see in their student center that they are “on plan” and can be confident in their academic, co-curricular, and career preparation progress. If a student does not follow their plan, an advisor will reach out to offer support and encouragement; they will work together to revise the graduation plan. Students who follow their plan will graduate on-plan and on time.

Students will meet with their success advisor each semester to review their plan to confirm they are on track and that their plan is still relevant to their post-graduation goals. An advising hold will be placed on each student’s record each semester that prevents course registration prior to advising. Once the success advisor and the student meet, the advising hold will be released. Students with more than one major have an advisor and a registration hold for each major. This process is in place to ensure that students receive regular appropriate guidance.

*This program is phased in for students based on major. In the 23-24 academic year almost all students are included. Students who are not yet in the OHIO Guarantee+ Graduation Plan will have an academic advisor, use Career Network services, and work with Experience Designers to make the most of their Ohio University experience.

Who Can Help Me Change my Major, or Add a Minor, Certificate, or Double Major

Students transitioning from one academic program to another can either meet with a success advisor from their new college or academic program or work with Allen Advising staff to choose a major that helps them meet their career goals. Students in specific populations may also have additional staff supporting them who will coordinate with their success advisors.

What If I Prefer Working with a Different Success Advisor?

Students can request an advisor assignment change from their College Student Services Office.

Degree Audit Reporting System (DARS) and How to Use Them

DARS are official records of courses completed, grades earned, and courses still needed for specific programs. When the requirements on a DARS are met or will be complete at the end of the term, the student can apply for graduation with that major. Students can access their DARS via their student center to follow their progress. It is a student’s responsibility to know and follow their requirements within the university, college, and department. Degree audits help students track their progress toward graduation; success advisors can help students understand their DARS. 

“What-if” DARS are available for students considering additional programs and can help a student determine how much of the coursework needed for an added minor, certificate, or major is already complete.

Preparing for Advising Appointments

To prepare for an advising appointment it is recommended that a student:

  • Review their graduation plan courses, milestones, and story builders 
  • Read about their intended programs (majors, minors, certificates) in the Undergraduate Catalog, and
  • Review their DARS.