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Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2015-2017 
Ohio University Graduate Catalog 2015-2017 [Archived Catalog]

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EDCS 7000 - Alternative Approaches to Educational Theory and Pedagogy

Examines alternative approaches to educational theory and pedagogy. As a theory-based course, interrogates the social, cultural, and philosophical contexts of education. Focuses on relational/caring theory and other alternative educational theories that promote holistic education, home or open schooling models, arts, environmental, nature, and spirituality based education. Ultimately examines the connection between interpretations of the human condition and education.


Credit Hours: 4.0
Repeat/Retake Information: May not be retaken.

Lecture/Lab Hours: 4.0 seminar

Eligible grades: A-F,CR,PR,WP,WF,FN,FS,AU,I

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