Apr 07, 2020  
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2019-20 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2019-20
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AST 3010L - Leadership Laboratory

Provides a progression of experience to aid each individual’s understanding of the Air Force and to develop teamwork, followership, and leadership skills.

Requisites: AST 3010 concurrent
Credit Hours: 1
Repeat/Retake Information: May be retaken two times excluding withdrawals, but only last course taken counts.
Lecture/Lab Hours: 2.0 laboratory
Grades: Eligible Grades: F,CR,WP,WF,WN,FN,AU,I
Learning Outcomes:
  • Produce officers of character who appreciate the significance of their own spiritual development, accept the beliefs of others, and foster mutual respect and dignity among all individuals.
  • Produce officers of character who are decisive leaders with the stamina, courage and discipline to build and inspire high-performing teams in demanding environments.
  • Produce officers of character who are motivated toward a lifetime of national service.
  • Produce officers of character who are selflessly committed to service to their country through personal and professional excellence.
  • Produce officers of character who can use their understanding of global relationships, cultures, and languages to effectively employ air, space and cyberspace power.
  • Produce officers of character who make sound decisions grounded in the fundamentals of air, space and cyberspace power in a joint environment.
  • Produce officers of character who possess a breadth of integrated knowledge across the academic disciplines and the military profession that support the Air Force mission.
  • Produce officers of character who promote the dynamic leadership between leaders and followers through effective communication.
  • Produce officers of character who will apply their knowledge and skills to meet the present and future challenges of the military profession.
  • Provide cadets returning from field training sufficient opportunities to demonstrate and develop the leadership and management skills needed to successfully function as an active duty officer.

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