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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-22 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2021-22 [Archived Catalog]

Communication Studies, School of

Scripps College of Communication
Schoonover Center
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.4828
Fax: 740.593.4810


Ann Bainbridge Frymier, Ed.D., Current Director
Jerry Miller, Ph.D., Associate Director for Undergraduate Studies
Christina Beck, Ph.D., Associate Director for Graduate Studies


The School of Communication Studies (COMS) offers a liberal education, emphasizing the scientific and artistic bases of communication. The School is firmly committed to providing quality instruction in the theoretical bases of human communication and the application of theory in specific contexts. The core courses combine theory and practice, as students learn the historical and conceptual foundations of the field of communication. At the same time, the curriculum equips students with skills in speaking, writing, critical thinking, discussion, problem solving, leadership, and project planning. Students complete a rigorous academic program, consisting of courses in theory, research methods, presentations, and engaged learning practica. Elective courses in the School complement the required courses and expand the students’ repertoires of competencies and skills. Enhancing the core and major courses are study in a related area or minor, study of other cultures, and contemporary technology. Students’ choices lead to competence in such fields as training and human resources, law, politics and government, health advocacy, campaign implementation, and survey research. All told, the major is designed to augment students’ lives and careers through a clearer understanding of the effects of communication and messages in their professional and personal lives.

The COMS website (https://www.ohio.edu/scripps-college/comm-studies) should be consulted for the most current information.

Special Opportunities

Internship Program

For students to apply the theory of the classroom to the practical world of the workplace, the School of Communication Studies supports a carefully supervised internship program. During the academic year, students serve as student interns in a wide variety of occupational settings. Many of these internships are identified and developed by the students. The period of an internship is usually 14 weeks, and 1 to 15 credits may be earned. To qualify for an internship, a student must be a major in Communication Studies and satisfy a series of School requirements; as a result, internships for academic credit are usually scheduled during the junior or senior year. For more information regarding this program, contact the School’s internship coordinator.

Speech and Debate Team

Through its Speech and Debate Team (the “Speaking Bobcats”), the School of Communication Studies provides the opportunity for all University students to meet outstanding undergraduates from 300 or more colleges and universities in intellectual competition. Approximately 20 tournaments at other schools and several held on campus enable a student to develop skills in debate, extemporaneous speaking, oratory, rhetorical criticism, and oral interpretation. Excellence in scholarship and superior performance in speech communication are rewarded in several ways. Delta Sigma Rho-Tau Kappa Alpha national honorary is open to students who excel in forensics and are in the upper third of their classes. A student need not be seeking a Communication Studies major to participate in the  program.

Preparation for Law School

The Association of American Law Schools states that the goals of prelegal education are: (1) comprehension and expression in words, (2) critical understanding of the human institutions and values with which the law deals, and (3) creative powers in thinking. Students in the School of Communication Studies who plan to enter law or paralegal school will find excellent opportunities for meeting these goals. In addition, all Ohio law schools require an undergraduate degree from an approved institution before admission.

A prelaw student in Communication Studies will be counseled individually and advised in developing a total course of study to meet the intellectual challenges of the legal profession. Suggested areas of study include communication theory and practice, argumentation, legal oratory and communication, English composition and literature, history, political science, business law, behavioral sciences, humanities, comparative arts, economics, and philosophy. Prelaw students are encouraged to investigate the Communication and Public Advocacy concentration of the Communication Studies major.

Transferring Into the School of Communication Studies From Within Ohio University

Students who are currently enrolled at Ohio University are required to apply to the School of Communication Studies and encouraged to read the information on the COMS website (http://www.ohio.edu/scripps-college/comm-studies). If there are specific questions that are unanswered after reviewing the website, students should make an appointment to meet with the Associate Director of Undergraduate Studies at Jerry.Miller.1@ohio.edu..

The School of Communication Studies reviews applications as follows:

  • Students should be in good academic standing at the time of application, prepare a 300-word essay explaining how a degree in Communication Studies would be beneficial to them, and complete the online application.
  • Applications are accepted throughout the academic year and processed the first week of each month. Applications submitted between May 1 and Sept. 30 are processed the first week of August.

    Students must apply online using the form.


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