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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2016-17 [Archived Catalog]

Chemical Engineering - Biological Track (B.S.Ch.E.)

Major code BS7263

Russ College of Engineering and Technology  
Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering  
171 Stocker Center
Ohio University
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.1492

Darin Ridgway, contact person

Program Overview

The Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering offers an accredited B.S. in  chemical engineering.  The undergraduate program’s objectives are for graduates to gain a strong foundation in chemical engineering theory and practice, have communication and interpersonal skills needed to succeed in a professional environment, and have the ability to become scholars and professionals dedicated to the betterment of themselves and society.

Undergraduate study begins with foundation courses in chemistry, biology, physics, and mathematics.  Individual and team projects are introduced early and continue throughout the curriculum, providing professional development through teamwork and communication skills and the ability to solve problems beyond the textbook. Students progress from basic analysis of commercial chemical and biological processes to operating pilot-scale manufacturing equipment and designing a complete manufacturing process.

In addition to their core requirements, students on the Chemical Engineering - Materials Track select a majority of their technical elective courses from engineering and science courses related to biological systems.  

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

ACT and grade requirements are the same as the general University guidelines. Students should take four years of mathematics and a year of chemistry and physics if possible

Change of Program Policy

Students who wish to transfer into an engineering or computer science program must have earned a C or better in a math course and a science course. The math course must be equivalent to MATH 1200 or higher. The science course must be required for the program or preparatory for a required course such as CHEM 1210, 1500, 1510, PHYS  2001, 2051 or BIOS 1700. Students must have an overall GPA greater than 2.0 at Ohio University, for all courses in Russ College, and for all courses in Chemical Engineering. Students must have succeeded in all required courses taken previously in three or fewer attempts. For some courses, success means a grade of at least a C or C-.

External Transfer Admission

In addition to University guidelines, students should have earned a C or better grade in a college math course equivalent to MATH 1200 or higher and a C or better grade in a chemistry course equivalent to CHEM 1210 or higher or a physics course equivalent to PHYS 2001 or higher.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Students earning a B.S. in Chemical Engineering are prepared to enter a manufacturing job in areas such as, but not limited to bulk or specialty chemicals, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, alternative fuels, plastics or materials. Areas such as production, quality control, environmental protection, or process design are common. Others are involved with sales, marketing, or management. Still others are more devoted to fundamental or applied research, whether in industry, academia, national laboratories, or regulatory agencies. Students completing the biological track will be particularly suited for a position in a bioengineering related environment.


Major Hours Requirement

The Chemical Engineering– Biological Track requires a minimum of 122.5 hours.

Universitywide Graduation Requirements

To complete this program, students must meet all Universitywide graduation requirements .

College-Level Requirements for the Russ College of Engineering and Technology

View the College-Level Requirements for the Russ College of Engineering and Technology .

Core Curriculum

Complete the following course:

Basic Math and Science Requirements

Complete the following courses. A miniumum of 31 semester hours must be earned in Basic Math and Science.


Complete the following courses:


Complete the following courses:


Complete the following course:


Complete either the Environmental and Plant Biology Option or the Biological Sciences Option:

Environomental and Plant Biology Option

Complete the following course:

Biological Sciences Option

Complete the following courses:

Engineering - Not Chemical Requirements

Complete the following courses:

Technical Electives

  • Complete a minimum of 18 hours of technical electives (see complete list below).
  • Complete at least 8 hours from the biological track technical electives list.
  • Complete at least 6 hours of advanced chemistry courses from the list below (any CHEM course in the technical electives list).
  • Complete at least 6 hours of chemical engineering courses from the technical electives list).
  • Complete at least one of the following approved laboratory courses: Chem 3080, Chem 2410L, Chem 4530L, Chem 4903, Bios 3105, Bios 3205, Bios 3435.

Note: These requirements are not exclusive. For example, a course can be both a technical elective and an advanced chemistry course.

Technical Elective Courses