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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2022-23 [Archived Catalog]

Craft Brewing

Certificate CTCCBU

College of Arts and Sciences   
Chemistry and Biochemistry Department  
Clippinger Laboratories 
Phone 740.593.1737
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Michael Held, contact person

Program Overview

This certificate aims to provide students with fundamental principles and concepts of biochemistry, microbiology, and engineering, as well as entrepreneurial aspects and small business ownership, all through the lens of craft brewing. Successful and consistent brewing is largely dependent on a firm understanding of the science behind the process. But craft brewing is far more than brewing science. Craft breweries are small businesses that require specific skillsets for management, planning, marketing, social media presence, and operation. Craft breweries often fail because they do not fully understand and/or appreciate the business skills necessary for small business ownership. Therefore, this program aims to help bring together students with science backgrounds with business-minded students to provide a translational, peer-led learning environment. Bringing these diverse groups of students together will facilitate the exchange of knowledge across disciplines that is lacking in many industries (not only in craft brewing).

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Change of Program Policy

No selective or limited admission requirements.

External Transfer Admission

No requirements beyond University admission requirements.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Small, independent craft breweries are significant job creators, and economic contributors, especially at the local level. Participation in this certificate program will educate and prepare students for potential careers in craft brewing. Further, this program will create professionals with broadened skillsets (e.g. business-minded scientists; scientifically literate businesspeople), whether it be in craft brewing or other industry.


Science Track


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Business/Entrepreneur track

Entrepreneurial Studies

Business plan design

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