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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 [Archived Catalog]

Accelerated Graduate Pathway: Strategic Leadership

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Accelerated Graduate Pathway code: NDAG05

College of Business
Copeland Hall
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.2000

Kim Jordan, Certificate Director

Program Overview

Exceptionally qualified and prepared students who are seeking to expand their management knowledge and leadership skills beyond the undergraduate coursework required for completion of the Strategic Leadership Certificate (CTLEAD), the Select Leaders development program (SL), or the Emerging Leaders development program (EL) will be afforded an opportunity through the Accelerated Graduate Pathway (AGP) to complete the graduate version of the Strategic Leadership certificate (NDAG05) with their bachelor’s degree.

Admissions Information

Students will be eligible to apply when they have earned or are in-process of completing 75 credit hours; students will be eligible to enroll in courses when they have earned or are in-process of completing 90 credit hours. A 3.00 overall GPA with a 3.5 in the most recent 30 credit hours is expected.

Application is limited to CTLEAD, Wandell Leadership Fellows, or Emerging Leaders students because they have already demonstrated a commitment to management and leadership careers by advancing through a rigorous application and interview process which seeks to identify those best positioned for professional success. Other prerequisite application criteria are thus designed to further identify the very best of these students with career goals that closely match the learning outcomes of the graduate certificate program. Along with an application, resume, and interview, acceptance in the AGP will thus be restricted to only those exceptional students who are academically prepared and in sync with the goals of this unique AGP.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Students who complete this certificate will be better prepared for managerial assignments or promotions in the management and leadership aspects of their careers and may advance toward graduate programs in business, management, marketing, and/or sales. Students who complete the program will be more likely to rise to higher levels in their careers, leading people and projects at the next level. They will expand their networks and be ready for advancement opportunities and take on the challenges of their current position. Students will be able to apply best practices to strategic leadership and decision-making, create value through strategic competitive analysis, and implement strategies that can quickly impact personal and company success. 


The following courses may be completed prior to earning the bachelor’s degree:

  • MGT 5001: Managing Individuals and Teams (3 hours)
  • MGT 5002: Researching the Business Environment (3 hours)
  • MGT 5003: Managerial Decisions and Challenges (3 hours)

Note: Each of the MGT courses listed above are offered online in 7-week terms and those terms are not fully aligned with a typical undergraduate semester.

The hours earned in the graduate courses may count toward the total hours needed for the bachelor’s degree. These courses may not fulfill undergraduate degree requirements other than for total hours required for graduation.

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