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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2024-25 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2024-25

Classics and Religious Studies (B.A.) [offered through Honors Tutorial College]

Major Code BA1958*

Honors Tutorial College  
35 Park Place
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.2723

Ruth Palmer, director of studies/contact person

Program Overview

The tutorial program in Classics and Religious Studies provides highly motivated students with the opportunity to gain the linguistic and archaeological expertise to study Greek and Roman antiquity.  Students may choose from classical civilization, classical language and literature, or religious studies tracks, honing their skills with one-on-one study in tutorials combined with classwork. The program is designed to prepare students for graduate level study. Students will receive a Bachelor of Arts degree in Classics and Religious Studies from the Honors Tutorial College.

*This program was previously BA1951 which awarded the Bachelor of Arts in Classics degree. Pending Board of Trustees approval (anticipated June 2024), the new program code will be BA1958 and will award the Bachelor of Arts effective the 2024-25 catalog year.


Students will complete eight tutorial courses, one per semester; the first six are tied to regular Classics and Religious Studies courses in Greek and Roman civilization, archaeology, history and Latin and Greek language offered each semester. The object of the weekly tutorials is to enrich the student’s understanding of the topics and issues raised in the regular course and to focus attention on areas of particular interest to the student. The two tutorials in the last year are devoted to the senior thesis. By the end of spring semester in the third year, each student will begin to develop a thesis topic, choose an advisor and work on a thesis prospectus.

Non-Tutorial Coursework

The program also includes non-tutorial courses in Latin and Greek, Classical archaeology, civilization and history. All Classics and Religious Studies HTC students are required to take part in a Study Abroad program of their choosing, which can be philological or archaeological in nature. Students must also complete the university freshman and junior English composition requirements.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

The qualities of research, critical thinking, synthesis and effective writing developed in our program are applicable to many careers besides graduate programs in classics. Graduates from our Classics and Religious Studies HTC program have completed graduate programs in classical languages and archeology, anthropology, divinity school, rhetoric, education and law school. Several have served in Teach for America before starting graduate school.

Admission Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

Applicants are selected on the basis of superior academic ability and the potential for self-motivated study and research. Applicants typically are required to submit additional essays, and an interview with the director of studies is required for admission. More information, including materials and deadlines, is available at www.ohio.edu/honors/tutorial-college/apply. Two recommendations from teachers must be submitted with the application. 

Transfer Admission

Applicants in their first year of college seeking to transfer into the Classics and Religious Studies tutorial program should contact the HTC office at 740-593-2723 for more information.

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Classics and Religious Studies graduates can apply skills in research, analysis and critical thinking, and familiarity with humanities to many jobs and professional programs. Our students have gone on to graduate programs in classics, archaeology, and museum studies, and have made careers in law, business, art gallery curatorship, contract archaeology, nonprofit organizations, and heritage tourism, among others. Potential employers include, but are not limited to, historical societies, libraries, the state and local government, retailers and consulting firms, institutions of higher education, etc.


HTC Grade Requirements

Earn at least 120 semester hours and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher overall.

University English Composition Requirement

Complete one Written Communication course (ENG 1510 ) and one Advanced Writing course (FAW).

Quantitative Skills Requirement

Complete the University’s Quantitative Reasoning Requirement. More information can be found by viewing the OHIO BRICKS  page (see Quantitative Reasoning heading within “Foundations Requirements”).

HTC Seminar

First-year students must complete the following course:

Transfer students

Transfer students may substitute an HC special topics seminar for their HC 2500 requirement.

Senior Honors Tutorial Thesis

Complete the following tutorials focusing on the development and completion of a thesis.

HTC Thesis Requirement

Approval of a completed thesis or professional project by the advisor, director of studies, and Dean of the College.

Colloquium in Classics and Religious Studies

Complete 2 hours of CARS 3800.

Classical Civilization Area of Concentration

Language Requirement

Complete either the Greek or Latin 2-year language sequence.

Greek Two-Year Sequence

Complete the following courses:

Latin Two-Year Sequence

Complete the following courses:

Classical Civilization Survey

Complete 6 hours of CARS courses at 2000-level or above (not CARS 3800); and one of which must be from the following courses:

Classical Archaeology Survey

Complete 3 hours from the following courses:

Advanced Archaeology

 Complete 3 hours from the following courses:

Ancient History

Complete 3 hours from one of the following courses or another approved history course.

Classics Electives

Complete an additional 6 hours at the 2000-level or above in CARS, GK, LAT, and/or HIST 3291 and 3292, other than the ancient language of specialization.

Classical Languages Area of Specialization

Language Requirement

Complete both the Greek and Latin 2-year language sequences.

Greek Two-Year Sequence

Complete the following courses:

Latin Two-Year Sequence

Complete the following courses:

Upper Level Language

Select either Greek or Latin as your language of specialization and complete 3 hours from one of the following courses:

Classical Civilization Survey

Complete 6 hours of CARS courses at the 2000 level or above and one of which must be from the following courses:

Classical Archaeology Survey

Complete 3 hours from the following courses:

Religious Studies Area of Concentration

Foundations: Major Traditions

Complete two of the following courses:

Class I Religious Studies Electives

Complete five of the following courses (courses used to fulfill the Major Traditions requirements cannot be used twice):