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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 [Archived Catalog]

Art History Major (B.A. in Art History) [offered through Honors Tutorial College]

Major Code BA1935

Honors Tutorial College  
35 Park Place
Athens, OH 45701
Phone: 740.593.2723

Jennie Klein, director of studies/contact person

Program Overview

The Honors Tutorial College (HTC) program in art history balances a commitment to breadth and rigor with an opportunity for self-disciplined and highly motivated students to explore current and fundamental issues creatively. In this four-year program, the student is expected to take one tutorial course each semester, language courses, collateral studies, and upper-division art history courses. This enables the student to acquire the full range of skills necessary to successfully continue in graduate study. Students will have excellent opportunities for intensive study with the art historians in the School of Art + Design. Students will also have the opportunity during the sophomore or junior year to apply for the Museum Studies Certificate Program offered through the College of Fine Arts.

Students will receive a degree of Bachelor of Arts from the Honors Tutorial College. To earn a bachelor’s degree in the Honors Tutorial College, a student must fulfill all the academic requirements of the program of study, maintain a 3.5 GPA (grade point average) in the courses that are required by the program of study, and have at least a 3.5 overall GPA.


Tutorials for the first year are based on the art history survey classes AH 2110 and AH 2130. HTC Art History students will cover the material in those courses in addition to exploring themes and issues in the visual arts that reflect their specific interests. The second and third year tutorials are based on the student’s individual interests and should be designed with the idea of working towards the HTC thesis. The tutorial during the spring year of the junior year should be done with the thesis advisor and should be geared towards putting together a proposal and a bibliography for the thesis. The final year is devoted to the thesis project, with the student working closely with her or his thesis advisor and DOS.

Admissions Information

Freshman/First-Year Admission

Applicants are selected on the basis of superior academic ability and the potential for self-motivated study and research. Applicants typically are required to submit additional essays, and an interview with the director of studies is required for admission. More information, including materials and deadlines, is available at www.ohio.edu/honors/tutorial-programs/apply. This is a four-year program, but we will consider the applications of Ohio University freshmen and sophomore students. The deadline for transfer applications is November 15th.

Change of Program Policy

First-year students at Ohio University may apply to transfer into the art history B.A. tutorial program and the Honors Tutorial College. These students must meet the same entrance requirements as entering freshmen. 

External Transfer Admission

First- and second-year students at another institution may apply to transfer into the art history B.A. tutorial program and the Honors Tutorial College. These students must meet the same entrance requirements as entering freshmen. 

Opportunities Upon Graduation

Graduates of the HTC program in art history will be well prepared for graduate study. Following completion of the B.A., they will have the academic background necessary to enter rigorous M.A. degree programs in museum studies, art history, and art management. The Ph.D. is the terminal degree in art history.


HTC Grade Requirements

Earn at least 120 semester hours and maintain a GPA of 3.5 or higher overall.

University English Composition Requirement

Complete one Written Communication course (ENG 1510 ) and one Advanced Writing course (FAW).

Quantitative Skills Requirement

Complete the University’s Quantitative Reasoning Requirement. More information can be found by viewing the OHIO BRICKS  page (see Quantitative Reasoning heading within “Foundations Requirements”).

HTC Seminar

First-year students must complete the following course:

Transfer students

Transfer students may substitute an HC special topics seminar for their HC 2500 requirement.

Honors Tutorials

Complete the following tutorials:

Art History Survey Tutorials

Complete the following tutorials (AH 2970T surveys World Art; AH 2980T surveys Western Art):

Art History Topic Tutorials

Complete the following topic tutorials (AH 2971T covers World Art; AH 2981T covers Western Art; AH 3970T covers Theory; and AH 3980T covers Methods):

Art History Thesis-Related Tutorials

Complete the following thesis-related tutorials:

HTC Thesis Requirement

Approval of a completed thesis or professional project by the advisor, director of studies, and Dean of the College.

Art History

Western Art


Complete one of the following courses:


Complete one of the following courses:

World Art

Complete one of the following courses:

Art History Methods

Complete the following course:


Complete five 3000/4000-level Art History elective courses (must be approved by thesis advisor, taken in 4th year of study, and related to the thesis project). Courses used to fulfill the Theory, Western Art and World Art requirements can not be used as electives.

Foreign Language

Complete 1 two-year sequence through 2120 in a foreign language or equivalent. Equivalent credit can be Advanced Placement or college transfer credit. Students who have prior knowledge of Spanish, French, or German must take the placement test before enrolling in these classes. (The placement exam does not count as college credit.) If you test into the 3000-level or above, the foreign language requirement is considered fulfilled.

Collateral Courses

Complete the following Studio Art course:

Complete one of the following Studio Art courses:

Complete nine additional courses:

Courses are to be selected from a list provided by advisor.