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OHIO University Osteopathic Medicine Catalog for 2009 - 2011 
OHIO University Osteopathic Medicine Catalog for 2009 - 2011 [Archived Catalog]

Ohio University College of Osteopathic Medicine Administration

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John A. Brose, D.O., Dean

Linda L. Ackerman, M.Ed., M.A.,
CORE Administrator

Karen R. Bailey, M.S.
Clinical Dietitian

Kapil R. Bajaj, B.E.
Research Associate and Programmer

H. Brent Bamberger, D.O.
RPAC Chair

Marie L. Barone, M.A.
Financial Aid Coordinator

Melodie S. Bayer
CORE Administrator

Peter A. Bell, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

Linda K. Beveridge, B.S.
CORE Administrator

Joseph A. Bianco, Ph.D.
Research Scientist

Audrone R. Biknevicius, Ph.D.
Chair, Biomedical Sciences

Pamela A. Billick, M.L.S.
CORE and GME Administrator

John F. Blazyk, Ph.D.
Associate Dean, Research

Lauren A. Borovicka, B.S.
AmeriCorps/ComCorps Program Coordinator

Grace L. Brannan, Ph.D.
Research Director, CORE

Joanne A. Bray, M.B.A.
Director, Clinical Competency Assessment

Jennifer L. Brindle, M.Ed.
CORE Administrator

Kathy S. Brooks, M.Ed.
Chief Financial Officer

Jeffrey R. Brown, B.F.A.
Communication Designer

Mary E. Brown, R.N.
Nurse Coordinator, TB Program

Patricia A. Burnett, Ph.D.
Director, Student Affairs

Wayne R. Carlsen, D.O.
Chair, Department of Geriatric Medicine/
Gerontology, and Medical Director, Community
Service Programs

Brian C. Clark, Ph.D.
Director, Interdisciplinary Institute
for Neuromusculoskeletal Research

Eric R. Clift, A.A.S.
Biomedical Systems Engineer

Robert R. Conatser Jr., M.S.
Lab Research Associate

Nancy L. Cooper, B.S.Ed.
Coordinator, Health Policy Fellowship Program

Peter W. Coschigano, Ph.D.
Associate Chair, Biomedical Sciences

Maria C. Courreges de Benencia, Ph.D.
Laboratory Technician

Jeffrey R. Creamer, B.A.
Multimedia Specialist

Timothy A. Creamer, B.F.A.
Multimedia Developer

Andrew K. Culver, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

Jane S. D’Isa-Smith, D.O.
RPAC Chair

Peter B. Dane, D.O.
Associate Dean, Predoctoral Education

Norma K. Dansby Daniels, M.S.
CORE Administrator

Brooke A. Davis, Ph.D.
Research Grants Developer

Stephen S. Davis, Ph.D.
Director, Faculty Development

Godwin Y. Dogsby, M.A.
CORE Biostatistician

George F. Dunigan II, B.S.
Director, Governmental Relations

Dean E. Dupler, B.S.
Director, COM Facilities Management

Nicholas G. Espinoza, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

Nanda R. Filkin, M.S.
Research Assistant

Richard M. Garwood, D.O.
RPAC Chair

K. Marie Graham, B.F.A.
Associate Director, Communication Design

Cynthia A. Greenlee, R.N., M.S.N.
Nurse Practitioner

Mario J. Grijalva, Ph.D.
Director, Tropical Disease Institute

Jane Hamel-Lambert, Ph.D.
Director, Interdisciplinary Mental Health Education
Associate Director, Appalachian Rural Health Institute

Janet L. Hammer, B.G.S.
Laboratory Manager and Technician

Jill L. Harman, M.Ed.
Director, Alumni Affairs

Bonita A. Hay, M.S.Ed.
CORE Administrator

Richard R. Heck Jr., B.S.J.

Victor K. Heh, Ph.D.

Pamela L. Henderson, R.N., B.S.N.
Clinical Training and Assessment Center Supervisor

Jennifer L. Hicks, M.S.Ed.
CORE Administrator

Richard L. Hoffman, B.S., M.Ed.
Research Assistant

Denise L. House, M.S.
Research Technician

Robert L. Hunter, D.O.
RPAC Chair

Gillian H. Ice, Ph.D., M.P.H.
Director, International Programs

Holly L. Jacobs, M.A.
Associate Director, Student Affairs

Carrie S. Johnson, R.N.
Community Health Nurse Coordinator

Terry A. Johnson, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

Dennis E. Kane, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

Diana L. Kasler, R.N.
Community Health Nurse Coordinator

Melissa D. Kemper, R.N.
Assistant Director, AHEC and
Community Health Programs

Donald P. Kincaid, B.S.
Director, Anatomical Services and Body Donor Program

Robbin J. Kirkland, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Faculty Development

Richard E. Klabunde, Ph.D.
Director, Clinical Presentation Continuum Curriculum

Christine B. Knisely, M.A.
Executive Director, Office of Research

Joni M. Koren, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

Karoline E. Lane, M.L.S.
Director, Communication

Theresa K. Lester, M.A.
Year 1 and 2 Evaluation Coordinator

Mark E. Loudin, B.A.
Multimedia Producer/Director

Douglas D. Mann, Ph.D.
Executive Assistant to the Dean

Richard B. Markwood, D.O.
RPAC Chair

Anita Martin, B.S.J.
Assistant Director, Communication

Becky L. Martin, B.A.
Osteopathic Principles and Practices Coordinator

Tracy L. Marx, D.O.
Assistant Chair, Family Medicine

Elizabeth L. Maxon, B.B.A.
Director, COM Human Resources

W. Eric McFadden, B.S.
Web Author

Sarah C. McGrew, R.N., B.S.N.
Director, Predoctoral Education

Colette M. McLemore, M.A.
Assistant Director, Multicultural Programs

Mary K. McPherson, R.N.C.
Nurse Coordinator, CFHS Perinatal Program

D. Sue Meeks, R.N.C.
Community Health Nurse Coordinator

Carole P. Merckle, R.N.
Community Health Diabetes Nurse Educator

Alan Meshekow, D.O.
RPAC Chair

Deborah J. Meyer, Ph.D.
Administrator, Geriatric Medicine/Gerontology

Karen A. Montgomery-Reagan, D.O.
Chair, Department of Pediatrics

Leanna M. Morgan, M.Ed.
Learning Specialist

Angela M. Mowrer, B.S.
Year 1 and 2 Curricula Coordinator

Barbara A. Nakanishi, R.D.
Clinical Dietitian

Olivia T. Ojano-Sheehan, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Faculty Development

Michelle K. Pate, B.S.
Research Technician

Robert S. Pema, D.O.
RPAC Chair

Ellen L. Peterson, B.S.
Coordinator, Geriatric Education

Karen E. Peterson, B.F.A.
Communication Designer

Lynn C. Petrik, R.N.
Research Nurse

Brian O Phillips, M.Ed.
Chief Information Officer

Patrick D. Polinski, M.S., M.A.
Educational Technologist

B. Danette Pratt, B.F.A.
Graphic Artist and Biological Illustrator

James E. Preston, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

Jack M. Ramey, D.O.
Chair, Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Kimberly J. Ramey, B.S.
CORE Administrator

J. Allen Reed, B.S.
Manager, Desktop Support

Kim Resanovich, R.N.
Community Health Education Nurse

Ryan C. Ridgely, B.S.
Research Technician

Cheryl A. Riley, M.S.
Assistant Dean, Academic Affairs and
CORE Operations

Eduardo A. Robles, D.O.
Associate Director, Multicultural Medicine

Pamela J. Royston, M.S.A.
Administrative Director,
CORE Graduate Medical Education

Ronald J. Russ, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

John P. Sattler, B.F.A.
Supervisor, Photo Resources

John D. Schriner, Ph.D.
Director, Admissions

Maitreyee Sherman, M.P.H.
CORE Administrator

Richard A. Shuler Sr.
Assistant Coordinator,
Childhood Immunization Program

JoAnna V. Sidote, B.S.
Research Technician

Christopher Simpson, D.O., Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Family Medicine

Martha A. Simpson, D.O., M.B.A.
Director, HIPAA Compliance

Kira G. Slepchenko, B.S.
Research Technician

Yuriy Slyvka, M.D., Ph.D.
Postdoctoral Fellow

Danny T. Smith, B.A.
Coordinator, Distance Learning

Cammie J. Starner, R.N.
Research Nurse

Philip A. Starr III, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

Nancy J. Stevens, Ph.D.
Director, Patient-Centered Continuum Curriculum

Jack D. Stewart, B.S.
Senior Network Engineer

Mark H. Sutton, B.A.
Project Manager

Steven L. Swart, B.B.A.
Executive Director, Clinical Services
Malpractice Administrator

Philip M. Swatzel, B.S.E.E.
Senior Network Engineer, CORE

Harold C. Thompson III, D.O.
Director, Multicultural Medicine

Jean R. Thuma, M.S.
Biorepository Coordinator/Technician

David L. Tolentino, D.O.
Assistant Dean, CORE

Michael W. Tomc. D.O.
Chair, Specialty Medicine

Kathleen J. Trace, R.N., B.S.N., M.H.A.
Director, Community and Clinical Services

Virginia A. Valentin, M.Ed.
Associate Director, Admissions

Nicole Wadsworth, D.O.
Assistant Dean, Preclinical Education

D. Keith Watson, D.O.
Associate Dean, Graduate Medical Education

Alex Westerfelt, Ph.D.
Director, Institutional Assessment

Deborah L. White, R.N.
Nurse Coordinator, Community Service Programs

Jacqueline H. Wolf, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Social Medicine

Deborah J. Woods, B.S.
RPAC Coordinator

Mary S. Zawodny, M.S.
CORE Administrator

Sharon B. Zimmerman, M.P.A.
Director, Medical Development, and Executive Director, Alumni Affairs