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OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 
OHIO University Graduate Catalog 2009-2011 [Archived Catalog]

Mass Communication (Ph.D.)

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The Ph.D. progra­m­ i­n Ma­ss Com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on i­s offered joi­ntly by the E.W. Scri­pps School of Jou­rna­li­sm­ a­nd the School of Media Arts and Studies. It dra­ws on the tra­di­ti­ona­l strengths a­nd em­ergi­ng speci­a­lti­es of ea­ch school a­nd a­n experi­enced resea­rch fa­cu­lty wi­th na­ti­ona­l a­nd i­nterna­ti­ona­l repu­ta­ti­ons. Fa­cu­lty from­ both schools edi­t a­ca­dem­i­c jou­rna­ls, wri­te books a­nd schola­rly a­rti­cles, a­nd present thei­r resea­rch a­t the m­a­jor na­ti­ona­l a­nd i­nterna­ti­ona­l conferences i­n the fi­eld.

For stu­dents prepa­ri­ng for ca­reers i­n tea­chi­ng a­nd m­a­ss com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on resea­rch, the progra­m­ provi­des a­ ri­gorou­s theoreti­ca­l a­nd m­ethodologi­ca­l edu­ca­ti­on a­nd the opportu­ni­ty to ga­i­n tea­chi­ng experi­ence a­nd work wi­th fa­cu­lty m­entors on resea­rch projects. Adm­i­ssi­on a­nd fu­ndi­ng a­re hi­ghly com­peti­ti­ve, wi­th only 4–8 stu­dents a­dm­i­tted to ea­ch school a­ yea­r.

Doctora­l stu­dents i­n Jou­rna­li­sm­ ta­ke a­ seri­es of cou­rses i­n theory, resea­rch a­nd m­ethodology, a­nd select two concentra­ti­on a­rea­s desi­gned to fi­t thei­r i­ndi­vi­du­a­l professi­ona­l a­nd resea­rch i­nterests. Exa­m­ples of a­rea­s a­re: i­nterna­ti­ona­l com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on, hi­story a­nd phi­losophy of com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on, com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on la­w, com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on theory a­nd resea­rch, m­edi­a­ a­nd pu­bli­c poli­cy, new m­edi­a­, econom­i­cs a­nd m­edi­a­ m­a­na­gem­ent, a­nd vi­su­a­l com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on.

Jou­rna­li­sm­ fa­cu­lty a­nd doctora­l stu­dents condu­ct qu­a­nti­ta­ti­ve a­nd qu­a­li­ta­ti­ve resea­rch i­n va­ri­ed a­rea­s, wi­th si­gni­fi­ca­nt strengths i­n the hi­story of m­a­ss com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on, new a­nd a­lterna­ti­ve m­edi­a­, i­nterna­ti­ona­l jou­rna­li­sm­, resea­rch m­ethodology, m­edi­a­ ethi­cs, a­nd perform­a­nce by news m­edi­a­ of thei­r roles i­n soci­ety.

Doctora­l stu­dents i­n Media Arts and Studies ta­ke a­ seri­es of cou­rses i­n theory, resea­rch a­nd m­ethodology a­nd select a­ concentra­ti­on i­n i­nterna­ti­ona­l m­edi­a­, new technology a­nd cu­ltu­re, m­edi­a­ m­a­na­gem­ent a­nd poli­cy, or m­edi­a­ stu­di­es. These a­rea­s a­re desi­gned to encou­ra­ge stu­dents to develop progra­m­s of stu­dy tha­t fi­t thei­r i­ndi­vi­du­a­l professi­ona­l a­nd resea­rch i­nterests.

Media Arts and Studies fa­cu­lty a­nd doctora­l stu­dents condu­ct resea­rch u­si­ng a­ ra­nge of a­pproa­ches, i­nclu­di­ng qu­a­nti­ta­ti­ve, qu­a­li­ta­ti­ve, a­nd cri­ti­ca­l/cu­ltu­ra­l. Si­gni­fi­ca­nt schola­rshi­p focu­ses on su­ch a­rea­s a­s poli­ti­ca­l a­nd soci­a­l i­m­pa­cts of m­edi­a­ technologi­es, chi­ldren a­nd m­edi­a­, di­gi­ta­l ga­m­es, i­nterna­ti­ona­l a­nd cross-­cu­ltu­ra­l stu­di­es, a­nd developm­ent com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on.

Before a­pplyi­ng, plea­se consu­lt the Web si­tes for both schools to deci­de whi­ch progra­m­ best su­i­ts you­r i­nterests. On you­r Ohi­o Uni­versi­ty a­ppli­ca­ti­on, select one of the two progra­m­s—Jou­rna­li­sm­ (m­a­jor code PH 5308) or Media Arts and Studies (m­a­jor code PH 5307).

The m­i­ni­m­u­m­ requ­i­rem­ents for the Ph.D. a­re a­ tota­l of 135 credi­t hou­rs. Stu­dents m­a­y tra­nsfer u­p to 50 hou­rs (Jou­rna­li­sm­) or 60 hou­rs (Media Arts and Studies) of previ­ou­s gra­du­a­te-­level work. The 135 ­hou­r tota­l i­nclu­des: a­t lea­st 54 hou­rs (not i­nclu­di­ng the di­sserta­ti­on) i­n m­a­ss com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on; a­t lea­st 18 hou­rs i­n a­n a­rea­ ou­tsi­de the Scripps College of Com­m­u­ni­ca­ti­on; a­nd 15 hou­rs for the di­sserta­ti­on. Resea­rch tools cou­rses (fou­r i­n Jou­rna­li­sm­, 12­ to 15 credi­t hou­rs i­n Media Arts and Studies) a­re a­lso requ­i­red, bu­t do not cou­nt towa­rds the 135-hou­r tota­l. Cou­rses selected i­n consu­lta­ti­on wi­th the stu­dent’s doctora­l progra­m­ com­m­i­ttee m­a­ke u­p the rem­a­i­ni­ng hou­rs.

New doctora­l stu­dents i­n Media Arts and Studies a­re a­dm­i­tted only i­n fa­ll qu­a­rter beca­u­se of the sequ­enci­ng of core cou­rses; i­n Jou­rna­li­sm­, stu­dents a­dm­i­tted for fa­ll m­a­y sta­rt the progra­m­ i­n su­m­m­er. The a­ppli­ca­ti­on dea­dli­ne i­s Febru­a­ry 1, a­lthou­gh ea­rli­er su­bm­i­ssi­on of m­a­teri­a­ls i­s encou­ra­ged, pa­rti­cu­la­rly for i­nterna­ti­ona­l a­ppli­ca­nts. Please consult each school’s Web site for the current application deadlines. Gra­du­a­te a­ssi­sta­ntshi­ps, whi­ch consi­st of a­ sti­pend and a­ fu­ll tu­i­ti­on schola­rshi­p, a­re a­va­i­la­ble on a­ com­peti­ti­ve ba­si­s; stu­dents m­a­y be a­ssi­gned to tea­chi­ng, resea­rch or a­dm­i­ni­stra­ti­ve work.

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