Apr 20, 2021  
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21
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CLWR 2220 - Difficult Dialogues: Religion, Gender and Sexuality

One of two Difficult Dialogues courses offered to encourage thoughtful and productive discussion of historically contentious topics. Promotes dialogue on conflicts made divisive because of significant differences involving religious beliefs and assumptions about gender and sexuality such as how religious experience is gendered, what scriptures in different traditions say about women, and how religious traditions have changed in the way women and their role in society are viewed. Emphasizes the search for understanding of others whose beliefs are rooted in different religious or secular humanist traditions. Students are asked to engage in disciplined, self-critical thinking. Draws on methods and content from intellectual and religious history, the philosophy of religions, and contemporary religious dialogue.

Credit Hours: 3
General Education Code: 2HL
Repeat/Retake Information: May be retaken two times excluding withdrawals, but only last course taken counts.
Lecture/Lab Hours: 3.0 lecture
Grades: Eligible Grades: A-F,WP,WF,WN,FN,AU,I
Learning Outcomes:
  • Awareness of historical change in the position of religious authorities on issues such as marriage of clergy, birth control, the role of women in the church.
  • Capacity to engage in a civil discussion of issues such as homosexuality and abortion.
  • Describe the Gnostic Gospels and the debates over orthodox belief in the early Christian Church.
  • Describe the role of women in the early Christian Church and the spread of Christianity.
  • Explain the different voices–patriarchal as distinguished from voices stressing equality and justice, in at least two religious traditions.
  • Explain the origins of patriarchy and describe how it is legitimated by religious beliefs and institutions.
  • Increased capacity to articulate one’s beliefs in writing and in discussion.

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