May 08, 2021  
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2020-21
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ANTH 3590 - Before the Sickle and Plow: Archaeology of Foraging Societies

An in depth look at societies before the emergence of agriculture. Exploration of life before food production through the comparison of archaeological data and modern foraging analogs. Considers the ecological, biological and cultural impacts of foraging systems through the archaeological record.

Requisites: ANTH 1010 or 2010 or 2020
Credit Hours: 3
General Education Code: 2CP
Repeat/Retake Information: May be retaken two times excluding withdrawals, but only last course taken counts.
Lecture/Lab Hours: 3.0 lecture
Grades: Eligible Grades: A-F,WP,WF,WN,FN,AU,I
Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will be able to articulate and critically evaluate 3 theoretical models related to decision-making among foragers.
  • Students will be able to describe the diet and social organization of at least 5 living foraging societies in each of the different environmental zones surveyed in the course.
  • Students will demonstrate a command of anthropological and archaeological theory on hunter-gatherers and how it has changed through time.
  • Students will demonstrate an ability to interpret an archaeological site and cultural material remains by integrating behavioral observations from the ethnographic record.

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