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OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024 
OHIO University Undergraduate Catalog 2023-2024
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HIST 2700 - Comparative Slavery: Ancient and Atlantic

This course examines the economic, social, ideological, and political aspects of slave life and slavery in a perspective that compares and contrasts slavery as it was practiced in ancient Rome and in the Atlantic world during the early modern period. The course draws on original source material (in translation) from both periods and secondary scholarship. The course is offered as both CARS 2700 and HIST 2700.

Requisites: No credit for this course if the following is taken: HIST 2270
Credit Hours: 3
General Education Code (students who entered prior to Fall 2021-22): 2CP
Repeat/Retake Information: May be retaken two times excluding withdrawals, but only last course taken counts.
Lecture/Lab Hours: 2.0 lecture, 1.0 discussion
Grades: Eligible Grades: A-F,WP,WF,WN,FN,AU,I
Course Transferability: OTM course: TMAH Arts & Humanities, OTM course: TMAH Arts & Humanities
College Credit Plus: Level 1
Learning Outcomes:
  • Students will be able to apply what they have learned about slavery to analyzing contemporary manifestations of slavery.
  • Students will be able to assess the utility of the comparative method.
  • Students will be able to compare and contrast the principle characteristics of the ancient and Atlantic slave systems.
  • Students will be able to define and describe slavery as an institution and as a social experience.
  • Students will be able to formulate conclusions regarding the core commonalities of the slave experience in both slave systems.
  • Students will be able to interpret the significance of texts, both non-fictional and fictional, that represent the experience of slavery

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